Get to Know Banana Republic's Irtiza Rizvi

by Gap Inc.

Banana Republic

October 13, 2022

Now is an exciting time at Banana Republic as our brand continues to differentiate itself one year after the start of our transformation journey. We have reinvented our look and product offering, have expanded in-store styling services and into new categories, have launched a new e-commerce experience, and continue to test a more immersive store design.

Banana Republic is on its way to becoming a full lifestyle brand. And behind that ongoing transformation is a team of design creatives who are paving the way for our next chapter. Hear from Irtiza, one of the designers making it happen.

What work are you proud of and why? 

I’m very proud of the work we’ve done as a brand this past year. The Banana Republic product, website and store experience continue to get better and my online shopping cart is never empty! I am also really proud of the BR Baby line—so much hard work and love was poured into it and it’s been amazing to see the line come to life.

Which of our Create With Audacity (CWA) catalysts have you been focusing on lately? 

As a designer I think we instinctively practice all the Creative Catalysts to varying degrees but recently I’ve been focusing on Empathize and Experiment. They're both about creative thinking and problem solving, which are two things I love about my job.

Editor’s note: Gap Inc. developed six Creative Catalysts to help activate a creative mindset across the company. Envision, Seek, Amplify, Empathize, Experiment and Advocate—and the behaviors we’re driving through each—are inspiring and enabling creative teams across the portfolio to take our brands to new heights.

How has CWA programming inspired you and your team? 

We work in such a fast-paced environment in an industry that is constantly evolving; it’s easy to get caught up in the (important but) less creative aspects of our jobs. So, it’s been great to have time specially carved out to get creative and be inspired. We even come together as a team now following Speaker Series sessions to discuss insights, our takeaways and potential application. 

Are you working on any passion projects outside the office? 

I’m always working on one project or another at home, but this fall I’ll be starting Italian classes. I’ve been eager to learn another language for some time now, and because we work with some amazing Italian yarn mills, I figured I can put it to good use! 

What’s next for you? 

I’m excited to continue expanding and growing the BR Baby collection. I’m also happy to be serving as a Guide for Gap Inc.’s brand-new Design Apprenticeship Program (we just welcomed our first cohort in September!). I’ve had such great teachers, mentors and creative colleagues to learn from throughout my career, and I look forward to doing the same for these next gen designers.

Interested in a creative role like Irtiza's? Learn more about what it's like to work at Banana Republic here.

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