Say Hello to Our Design Apprentices

by Gap Inc.

Gap Inc.

December 19, 2022

Our brand-new Design Apprenticeship Program, sponsored by the Create With Audacity movement, is well underway. 

This program embeds thoughtful and divergent new designers into our design teams, bringing new energy and insights, diverse experiences, and fresh perspectives. The goal? Fuel our talent pipeline and ultimately expand our capacity to create. 

With a few months under their belts, our inaugural apprentices are fully immersed in nearly 20 design teams across our brands. They’ll spend one year learning from our designers and evolving their skills, infusing new ways of thinking into their teams, supporting critical design processes, receiving specialized training and development, and building lasting career connections.  

Meet them below and drop a line on LinkedIn to find out more about their experience! And stay tuned to learn more about how to apply for a 2023-2024 Design Apprenticeship. 

Juliana Lopez Torres, Athleta
The Savannah College of Art & Design, 2022 
Supporting on Recover + Swim + Bras 

“I love how diverse design can be, its endless creative possibilities, and that inspiration can come from anywhere, anyone or anything.” 


Nia Pennington, Athleta
University of Kentucky, 2020 (B.A.) / University of Oregon, 2022 (M.S.) 
Supporting on Performance + Outerwear 

“I find inspiration in real experiences and storytelling. It makes design more personal and allows me to form an emotional connection with what I am creating."


Tamber Jackson, Banana Republic
University of Maryland Eastern Shore, 2022 
Supporting on Men’s Outerwear 

“I could live in Banana Republic’s Men’s Chino pants in khaki. I thrifted a pair awhile back, and they’re THE perfect item for work or casual styling.” 


Kassidy Langham, Banana Republic
University of Maryland Eastern Shore, 2022
Supporting on Women’s Sweaters + Baby 

“I intend to take full advantage of every opportunity I’m given as an apprentice at Banana Republic and use those moments to better myself and my career. I’m so happy to be here learning from some of the best.” 


Bryan Lau, Gap Outlet
University of Oregon Sports Product Design, 2022 (M.S.) 
Supporting on Men’s + Women’s

“I pursued design because there’s nothing quite like seeing my ideas going from paper or screen to physical product. The joy of holding something I created in hand or seeing it being worn is one of the best feelings. I get to do that here, and I’m thrilled.” 


Kirin James, Gap Specialty
Savannah College of Art and Design, 2022
Supporting on Denim + Concept 

“For my senior thesis, I focused on learning as much as I could about the reality of adaptive clothing and accessibility in the fashion industry as a whole and want to continue forward in my career by bringing accessibility to conscious thought. As a non-binary designer, being comfortable in my clothes is the reason that drives me, and I want to bring that comfort to as many as I can.” 


Vante Thomas, Gap Specialty
University of Maryland Eastern Shore, 2022
Supporting on Denim + Concept 

“I’ve been loving being immersed in the design processes of one of the most prestigious brands, as well as learning from the fantastic designers that are making it happen behind the scenes. I look forward to evolving my global designs skills over the course of my apprenticeship.” 


Nathan Dance, Old Navy
University of Maryland Eastern Shore, 2022
Supporting on Men’s + Boys 

“Since starting my apprenticeship, I’ve learned to trust myself and my voice. It can be hard to find your place in a new space but I’m here for a reason. I look forward to evolving my design skills with the support and guidance of seasoned Old Navy designers, and sharing my own knowledge and perspective along the way.” 


Juliana Courogen, Old Navy
Product Design University of Oregon, 2020 (B.A.) / Sports Product Design University of Oregon, 2022 (M.S.)
Supporting on Intimates + Active 

“Apparel embodies confidence, empowerment, belonging, identity and culture. By cultivating the freedom of expression through design, I want to celebrate every body. That’s my design ethos.” 


Faith Reeves, Old Navy
Tennessee State University, 2022
Supporting on Women’s + Toddler Girls 

“Whenever I’m facing a creative block, I like to spend more time with nature or people. Both can often be our biggest inspiration.” 


Aleecia Joof, Old Navy
University of Maryland Eastern Shore, 2022
Supporting on Women’s + Girls Knits 

“If I had to describe my design style in three words, I’d use ABSTRACT, DETAILED and CHAOTIC!” 

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