Hill City

March 23, 2020

Hill City is built for performance, no matter where life takes you. For Robby Ketchell, Hill City’s newest ambassador, it means beating three hours and 21 minutes in the New York Marathon every year. 

Why 3:21? A little over a year ago, Hill City stumbled upon a viral photo of a father carrying his son across the finish line at the 2018 New York City Marathon. His name was Robby Ketchell and he was trying to beat a time of three hours and 21 minutes in honor of his son who was born with Down syndrome, caused by having three copies of the 21st chromosome. 3:21. This was around the same time Hill City was launched, with a couple of team members that just became new fathers. Robby’s story deeply resonated with Hill City, so the team tracked him down, inspired to learn more about his mission. 

What ended up happening was true collaboration and immersion into Robby’s life mission. Hill City learned Robby wasn’t actually a “runner,” but rather a former downhill skier turned pro cyclist, turned sports scientist. With all the health obstacles his son had to overcome, Robby decided to take on a challenge of his own to beat 3:21 at the New York City Marathon, in honor of his son and the Down syndrome community.

Inspired by runners like Robby, Hill City designed our first-ever marathon short, for those running for something greater. Working closely with Robby on design, fabric, and comfort, the team added custom graphics “3:21” exclusively for his shorts and chose to make the short in blue and yellow, the official colors of the Down syndrome community. “We all have a challenge from day to day. He (my son) really represents a strong message of continuing to push forward and just keep going.”

To celebrate Robby’s mission to spread awareness of Down Syndrome, Hill City is donating a portion of the proceeds of the blue 321 shorts to LuMind, a non-profit organization and largest online community for Down Syndrome.

For a more on Robby Ketchell’s journey, read the story here

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